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Google now tracks “Google Alert” links

Is that my cell phone he's holding?

Is that my cell phone he's holding?

As of August 25th, 2009, Google Alerts now tracks links from emails through the domain.

Previously, they didn’t.



These redirect through the domain, so they can better track which links you click on.

And, on a related note, Google just purchased AdMob, the mobile advertising company, for $750 million dollars.

With the acquisition of AdMob, Google now has access to usage data of many of the most popular mobile apps — especially the apps in the iTunes App Store.

Again, all in the vein that Google keeps grabbing more traffic so they can track your online activity (and mobile, as well), so they can better sell you more stuff.

I’ll continue to whisper my “The Sky is Falling” warning that the amount of traffic that is monitored by Google is way beyond comfortable for me, personally. When is too much, too much?

I guess when they monitor 100% of my online traffic.

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