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Technical rebuttal of Mark Zuckerberg’s rebuttal to Facebook TOS change

There is no spoon

Damage Control

Mark Zuckerberg defended the recent change to Facebook’s TOS in a blog post recently. As much as I appreciate any response from Facebook regarding their lecherous move, his rebuttal has no merit whatsoever. As a co-founder of my own startup in the 90s (unfortunately, never anything close to the scale of the 500-lb gorilla that is Facebook), this post is simply damage control.

Facebook’s new TOS: We have rights to everything posted here, forever. Sorry!

Facebook pulled a "Columbia House" on us

Facebook pulled a "Columbia House" on us

Well, as I’ve said in the past, you can’t expect to use free services and have any semblance of privacy.

Facebook updated their Terms of Service (TOS) yesterday and slipped in a little “extra” clause which (Continued)

Ongoing list of bad email practice providers

There was a short period in the late 90s and early 00s when I would use “disposable” email addresses for everything. I had “catch-all” email addresses such as which I would when signing up for a site where I was unsure of their email practices. If I signed up on “” my email would be “” and I could track which services were selling my email without my knowledge or not.

The concept here is if the vendor started to spam me, or sold my name, I could block (Continued)

Analysis of Google outbound link tracking

The X and the "up" icon added recently to Google results

The X and the "up" icon added recently to Google results

I noticed in the past two or so months, after Google upgraded their SERPs to enable users to rearrange and delete results (see thumbnail to right) that the outbound links Google was posting on SERPs were redirects through the site (meaning, they were tracking clicks on outbound links.)

Since I often search for something on Google, then “right-click”, “Copy” to get a link, I noted the links were not the actual links, but links. This went away shortly thereafter.

Today, checking again, they are using JavaScript to track outbound links (View Source on a SERP and examine the outbound links).

For example, one of our (Continued)

Uh-oh. AJAX-powered search kills keywords in referrers

Remember when all these terms meant consumer products?

Remember when all these terms meant consumer products?

Well, according to Clicky, Smackdown and a discussion forum on Webmaster World, many webmasters are fearful of AJAX-only search from Google.

As I wrote in a recent article on Helium (a low-traffic one, at that), Google is a near-monopoly, and user Shaddows here points out that opting out of Google’s index (say, in protest) is commercial suicide, and I humbly agree.

For SEO, this obviously bodes not well. (Continued)

In-kind donations and tax deductions

Unfortunately, this tax deduction barely covers diapers

Unfortunately, this tax deduction barely covers diapers

Last year, I did some work for a local 501.3c organization who I believed was doing some great things here in Media, PA.

It was for the First Fair Trade Town in the USA, and it was for their web site development.

I had done a lot of work on the first version of the web site, met with a lot of their staff, and developed (Continued)

Disappearing content in MSIE7 using AJAX

I write web applications for a living. I enjoy it immensely.

Webkit-based browsers (FireFox, Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari) are a pleasure to work with – they render closely to what you design with stylesheets, their JavaScript engines perform quickly and what you’d expect, and the final rendering of sites is generally pleasing.

Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) and Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), however, are slime mold. (Continued)

Valid characters in attribute names in HTML/XML

This has been bugging me for a while, because I do a fair bit of HTML and XML custom parsing code, and kind of wondered what would be the valid characters for an attribute name in a HTML tag, e.g.

<a href="..." name="...">thing</a>

So, what are the valid characters in HTML (or XML) for “href” and “name”, the attribute names in an HTML tag? (Continued)

At first I thought Google was being hacked

Server Down?Ever seen Google down? Me neither. Sure, I’ve seen the “Gmail not available” message, and “Service unavailable” once or twice, but it was only for a few seconds, really.

That said, last month for about 15 minutes, it appeared that Google was down. At first I did what’s called a Domain Name lookup in DNS which normally looks like (Continued)

Praise for PHP Arrays

I have to give credit to the PHP team for creating what is one of the most flexible, easy to use, and powerful data structures I have used. That is the array.

To be completely accurate, the manual describes it as (Continued)